why are Mercedes-Benz using Renault engines?

I have recently discovered that some of the new Mercedes-Benz range are using Renault engines. I am surprised that I haven't seen anything about this in the motoring press. I am sure potential buyers should be aware they are buying a Renault engine. This is also the first Mercedes-Benz engine (to my knowledge) to use a timing belt rather that a chain, are buyers warned about the extra maintenance charges involved?
That's right. Renault and Mercedes-Benz are co-operating and, in fact, the Citan van is essentially a Renault Kangoo, re-developed by Mercedes, and then with the modifications fed back into the latest Kangoos.

The new C Class also has a Renault derived engine. But this is the much more sophisticated chain cam 1.6DCI, re-engineered by Mercedes with a supercharger instead of a turbocharger.
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