Which fuel additives can I use in my Audi TDi?

When I looked up the Platinum Plus additive on Google it threw up several other additives also. All claimed to decrease fuel consumption, give smoother running and aid the DPF. Those mentioned were; Millers D. Power Ecomax Fuel Treatment, Millers Ecomax (Sport 4) and Cataclean Redex RDX 06. Platinum Plus was not mentioned even though this is what I entered. I have an Audi TDi 2-litre in which I do about 9000 miles a year with some short shopping trips and some longer motorway drives. Would you recommend one of these additives for me to use and, if so, which one? How do I add it? By dripping in before I fill up, such a small amount (60ml per 60 litres I believe) seems a bit hit and miss.
According to another reader:

"If you email tbrampton@cdti.com, he is Mr Clean Diesel Technology in the UK. You can get info on how to order Platinum Plus for £63 plus vat and delivery for one litre, and is used at 20ml per 50 litres of fuel, so costs £1.50 - £1.80 per tankful, depending on the size of tank and cost of delivery."

Another reader successfully used Forte products in a Jag XF 3.0d, and Millers stuff has generally been good (www.millersoils.co.uk).
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