I misfuelled my car - what steps should I take?

I have a 2013 diesel Vauxhall Insignia automatic. I accidentally misfuelled and put in just under five litres of petrol. After speaking to people in the petrol station, I filled up the remainder of the tank with BP Diesel (45 litres). The tank has a capacity of around 55 litres and there was some diesel already in the tank before I misfuelled. I was told that if the petrol is less than 10 per cent, it should be fine. I have driven the car over four short city journeys totalling around 15 miles - no problem evident in the drive. Have I done the right thing or should I have the tank and engine flushed?
Fingers crossed you'll be okay. I put nine litres of petrol in once and got away with it. Add a lubricity additive to the tank, only use superdiesel (that has additional lubricity additives), and don't let the tank get below half full for 1000 miles.
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