Where can I get my Eolys fluid replenished in my Peugeot 307 and Ford Fiesta?

Some time ago you responded to a letter from a company that used some kind of additive in their diesel fleet vans. I think it was about £65 to buy but you only put in a small amount each time and it saved money in the long run. We have a 2004 Peugeot 307 and a Ford Fiesta 2009, both diesels. I have read about Eolys fluid, but I think this is different stuff. The Peugeot is showing that the 'diesel additive is at minimum' which I guess is the Eolys fluid. I see you can buy kits, but it looks a bit complicated to me.
According to another reader:

"If you email tbrampton@cdti.com, he is Mr Clean Diesel Technology in the UK. You can get info on how to order the product, which is £63 plus vat and delivery for one litre and is used at 20ml per 50 litres of fuel, so costs £1.50 - £1.80 per tankful depending on the size of tank and cost of delivery."

The Peugeot needs Eolys fluid, not Platinum Plus. What Eolys does is lower the temperature at which a DPF will burn off the soot it collects. This is automatically injected from a reservoir into the fuel tank whenever the vehicle is refuelled. When the Eolys runs out it can be replenished by a franchised dealer or by a specialist. You can get replenishment kits via the internet but you need to know what you are doing.
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