When will my 2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI start costing money?

I am in my eightieth year, a lifelong petrol-head and still enjoy driving my 2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI with about 50,000km on the odometer. I am concerned about future maintenance costs. When will it start costing me serious money? Also is there a significant difference between the Michelin Pilot Primacy 3 and Pilot Sport 3 tyres? I have the former fitted but my wife complains about the firm ride.
The Pilot Sport 3 is one up from the Primacy 3, so the Pilot Sport 3 is the sportier tyre. The ride quality is determined by the profile of the tyre (the amount of rubber between the rims and the road), not the make and type of tyre.

If your GTI has a timing belt engine you will need to think about replacing the belt soon. This engine changed to chain cam in 2008/2009. More on the Mk V Golf here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/volkswagen/golf-v-20.../?
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