Audi A3 tyres and timing

We recently bought a 58 plate Audi A3 Quattro Sportback 170 with 73k miles. We average about 25k miles pa, nearly all on long journeys. Please could you advise when we should change the timing belt? The tyres are 205/55 R16s, Goodyear Eagle NCT5s on the back and Continental Sportcentral 2s on the front and need replacing soon. We had similar sized tyres on a Golf GTI, and the cheap-ish replacement tyres that we bought made it sound like an old Land Rover. What tyres would you recommend for the Audi?
I think Audi has now pushed this back to 60k miles or 4 years whichever comes first. So if it has not been changed it is overdue and needs a new waterpump, tensioner and all small pulleys. You should not have a mismatch of tyres on a quattro because that will confuse the transmission. All should be the same tyres and all should be approximately the same wear as well. I had great results from a set of Toyo J48 205/55 R16s over a year. Lovely tyres to drive. Otherwise Michelin Primacy 3.
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