Toyota Service Basingstoke - can not praise them highly enough

Can you elevate Toyota to the customer service Hall of Fame please? My Avensis estate is nearly five years old and with 79,000 miles on the clock. After several months of a tedious engine troubles, Toyota, bless them, replaced the lot and at their expense. All it cost me was a new clutch, parts only. All credit to James and the crew at Toyota Service Basingstoke, top geezers, top garage, top cars. Apart from the leaky rear light cluster, which still fills with water even after being replaced under warranty, and in spite of the engine issue, this is a brilliant car. Love it. If anyone at Toyota reads this might they be inspired to fix the lights? Most Avensis estates 03 to 09 have leaky rear lights, I photograph everyone I find, and there are lots and lots.
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This is fairly typical of Toyota these days. More typical of Toyota than of any other manufacturer.
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