Thanks to Toyota and Steven Eagell Toyota for repairing a head gasket fault on my 2006 Toyota Avensis.

The engine of my Oct 2006 Toyota Avensis 2.0 diesel, with 86,500 miles, started losing water. The first time it happened I was on the road. The AA replenished the water but could find no leak. The car was due for its MoT, so I booked it in. While it passed its MoT the garage also could find no leak and suspected a head gasket problem. Investigation is an engine-out job at a cost of £1000-£1200, although they felt Toyota would contribute 50-60 per cent. Two weeks later the car was ready. With some trepidation I asked what the cost was. The MOT, a replaced bulb and a glow plug came to £58.40 and that was that. Toyota advised that they had never known this problem (possible distorted block/head) on such a low mileage car and the engine had gone back to the factory for testing. I have a new block and cylinder head for nothing. I cannot praise Toyota and the dealer, Steven Eagell, enough.
That's fantastic, though cylinder head problems on the chain cam diesels is a known problem. Toyota is currently doing a lot to redress the damage caused by the accelerator switch farce at this time last year, including a 5-year warranty. So they are currently very good cars to buy.
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