Big thanks to my local Toyota dealership for helping to repair my 2005 Toyota Avensis's leaky injectors.

As my first car I own a high mileage 2005 Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D, which is perfect for taking me up and down the motorways. Over the last few weeks, the car gradually lost power below 3,000rpm, culminating in it being undriveable due to the huge judder and lack of power at lower revs. My Toyota dealership took the car in, diagnosing three leaky injectors and replacement costs of around £2000. Happily, the dealer managed to persuade Toyota Customer Relations GB to pay for the whole lot (minus £170 for a few gaskets). I really think you would be hard pressed to find any dealer or manufacturer that would provide this level of service, though a full service history at the dealer helped my case.
That is unusual (the problem, I mean) but a fantastic response from the dealer and from Toyota. We’ve put the dealer in our Good Garage Guide.
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