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Nice to know there are some honest garages out there, even when it's made easy for them to rip me off. Recently I became convinced that the shock absorbers had worn out on my Astra (2004, 75k miles), since it had developed a fidgety ride and a loud creaking/knocking noise on rough roads. When booking it into Monorep Vauxhall (Norwood Green Middlesex UB2 4PN), I said that I was assuming I'd need to fork out for four new shock absorbers. After inspection, they diagnosed a worn anti-roll bar, which has repair costs about three times lower than four new shocks. I asked them to check the shocks again; they test-drive the car again and patiently explained that the shocks really were OK. In me, they had a customer who was mistakenly insisting that more expensive work was needed, but they politely declined to carry it out. I imagine 90% of garages would just say "If he's self-diagnosed that he needs new shocks, give him new shocks!" I won't take my car anywhere else now.
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