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I took my 2008 Vectra to a Vauxhall dealer (Downside Motors, Chilcompton, Radstock near Bath) for its annual service and MOT on 31/10/12. I have used this dealer once before but wouldn’t say that I had a particularly strong relationship. The car has a full service history always by various Vauxhall dealers and has done 49,000 miles. They phoned to tell me that the car had failed its MoT due to a broken offside rear coil spring. Replacement cost close to £170 to replace the rear pair of springs. I moaned, saying that I had been driving Vauxhalls for years and never had this problem. I also cited your numerous past references to this problem of poor spring quality. The dealer agreed to refer the matter to Vauxhall Customer Services for a possible goodwill payment. I was contacted later in the day to be told that Vauxhall had authorised a 100% goodwill payment so that I did not have to pay anything for the coil spring replacement work. It goes to show that keeping within the main dealer system after the warranty has expired can prove beneficial as I would never have got this treatment if I had gone to independents for this work. I will add the dealer to your Good Garage guide as they looked after me very well.
That's an excellent response and a good job by the dealer. Please enter him in the Good Garage Guide here:
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