Let us pay?

I recently took my Octavia 1.9TDI into my local Skoda dealership (Progress of Letchworth) for a service prior to its first MoT and asked for a couple of areas on one alloy wheel to be repainted/re-lacquered, for which I would pay. Much to my amazement, the garage fitted a new wheel (same tyre, which is pretty new) and told me there would be no charge as the faulty wheel had to be returned to Skoda for examination. A faulty rear windscreen washer unit (which sits within the high-level brake-light) was also replaced without charge. Again, I had offered to pay for this. The garage is offering what looks like a good deal on servicing: 2 years/20k miles servicing. 2 free MoTs, £750-worth of insured MoT protection for repairs if car fails MoT. 10k miles oil changes, engine and pollen filters. Brake fluid change. Fuel and air-filter change. The garage wants £299 up front. Deal transferable to a new owner. We do 6k miles year and have it serviced annually. Is it worth taking up the offer?
Excellent garage. We'll include in our Good Garage Guide. Not a bad servicing offer either.
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