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Regarding your report about a driver being stuck in France with a Skoda Octavia that had a clutch release hose fail, apart from the follow up with the UK dealer, as reported it is the experience that damns the motor trade. If the fault was just a failed release hose, even if a Skoda part was not readily available then a competent garage could have repaired it. If the pipe is all steel/bundy then a new pipe could be fabricated, using the existing end sleeve nuts. If it is a failed flexible then a hydraulic hose repairer could insert a new rubber into the existing ends. This is something done locally for it is often cheaper than buying new from the main dealers. How did the UK dealer identify the need for new innards when the release mechanism didn't work, other than by dismantling? It certainly seems to have rip-off written all over it. I fully accept that some customers, with minimal mechanical knowledge, have unreasonable demands but as I said, "As reported".
UK franchised dealers lose their good mechanics to independents and end up employing young fitters they have to put through training, part of which is to fit large profitable components rather than repair existing ones. If you want the sort of experienced, problem-solving competence you describe you need to go independent.
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