My 2007 Volkswagen Golf diesel is at 50,000 miles - should I sell it before it gets expensive?

I own a 2007 Volkswagen Golf 170 diesel with 50,000 miles on the clock, owned from new. The ESP warning lamp has just come on, it is nearly due for a cambelt change, probably needs a new set of brake discs, and, although no sign yet, there is always the potential dual-mass flywheel failure problem. Would you get rid and get a new one? Or, having already swallowed the initial depreciation, would you do the maintenance and plan to keep the car for another four or five years?
The ESP light has come on because the ESP pressure sensor has failed. Standard Golf problem. £600 or more for the cheap fix, £1,500 or more for the expensive fix. The belt will be £500, plus the discs, plus, potentially, the DMF at around £1,200. Definitely time to get out.
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