Is there anything to look out for on a BMW 123D?

I may have the opportunity to buy a BMW 123D via someone who has been leasing it for three years - so I 'know where it's been', sort of thing. It's a 2009 and has done about 50,000 miles, maybe a bit more by the time it's for sale in a month or so. I don't know much about this particular model but as it's a company car it is probably fairly low spec, but is there anything it 'should' have, ie aircon? Any guide on pricing and potential pitfalls would be much appreciated, as whatever it costs it will be quite a lot for me to find. I've checked out a warranty and the quote is more than £1000 for three years. I have an ancient Audi, which has never given me any trouble, but thought the 123D would be fun before I'm too old to care what I drive.
The timing chains on these engines fail simply because the engine oil has not been changed frequently enough. So if the oil in the engine of this 50,000 miler has only been changed once or twice, then it's probably due for the same problem as your friend's car. It will have standard aircon. The satnav on this generation BMW did not take UK seven digit postcodes but BMW ‘Professional’ satnav does now.
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