Should I replace my Honda Accord or keep it until it breaks?

My 2.0-litre petrol auto Honda Accord is over 13 years old, has 76,000 miles on the clock and still goes really well. I do less than 3000 miles a year, a local mechanic does all the required servicing, and I wonder if I should keep this long time favourite or bite the bullet and upgrade? If so, to what? As an IAM member, I occasionally do a track day, using more revs than in normal driving. The cam belt was changed at 50,000 miles. Should I change this again to be on the safe side?
The car is worth virtually nothing, so carry on until something breaks that it does not make economic sense to repair. Even changing the cam belt will probably be more than the car is worth, though replacing that will only cost you about 10 per cent of the amount that a new car would suffer in depreciation.
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