I'd like to recommend my local Hyundai dealership for repairing a clutch fault.

I would like to sing the praises of my local Hyundai dealership - TWG Northwich. I have an i30, which is just three years and one month old and 13,000 miles. I had taken it in for service and within 24 hours of getting it back noticed that, in reverse, there was a growling noise. I took it back and they knew what the problem was, except that as I understood it Hyundai had put a time limit of three years and 9000 miles on accepting this clutch problem under warranty. I had in the previous three years taken the car in with a clutch problem on two occasions, but the problem persisted. I was advised that they would take out the clutch and put in the upgraded clutch at potentially my expense, take photographs and see what the Hyundai verdict was. I am pleased to say Hyundai accepted the warranty claim and that during all this TWG were what you would expect from a good local dealership. I have to say the car is excellent, my wife has an i10.
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