They must be choking

4 weeks ago my 2-year-old FIAT 500 diesel engine seized up. On the dashboard it said I needed the oil changing. This did not make sense as it was fully serviced by FIAT at Chadwell Heath, Essex 4 weeks before. I thought I would go to FIAT to see what this meant. I did not get very far. I lost power, white smoke came bellowing from exhaust, then the engine seized up. I was towed into FIAT by the RAC. FIAT said I could not have courtesy car. I must have a car for my work. After 3 days I spoke to the manager who gave me a car. In 4 weeks I have had 1 phone call from him to tell me it might not be covered by warranty. I rang today he said he did not know what is wrong with the car or when it will be fixed. I do not know what to do next. The engine must be badly damaged, I think. Please help.
This reads as if the diesel particulate filter has become choked and the engine sump has filled up with diesel fuel. It's a well-known potential problem area with 1.3 Multijets after a succession of short runs from cold. FIAT's standing instruction is to email:
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