DPF block caused by oil overfill

My 2007 Volkswagen Caravelle TDI has covered 37000 miles and has developed a partially blocked DPF following and oil overfill at the last main dealer VW service. It has taken 6 months and 5 separate visits to the garage to arrive at this conclusion. The same garage has serviced the van regularly from new. They admit the oil overfill however VW customer service will only pay 50% towards a replacement and the VW dealer will fit it for free. Is it worth pursuing a legal option to get them to put my car back into the same running order it was before the last service? I have been advised a DPF should last about 130,000 miles on this vehicle and that the oil level was not high enough to have caused all the damage!
VW Customer Service is not liable. The dealer is. Threaten the small claims track of the county court.
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