Unwarranted attention?

I have recently been quoted £230 by BMW, to change the oil on my 123d M Sport Coupe. This is the first service as indicated by the on board computer. A colleague put me in touch with a BMW trained specialist who has quoted £75 plus VAT for the same job with BMW components and resetting of the computer. The car was purchased under a BMW select purchase option with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. Given the obscene cost quoted by BMW I would like to avail myself of the services offered by the other garage but I am concerned about the warranty being affected. Please could you advise?
But what you don't know is what technical updates will be performed on your car by the BMW dealer while it is in for the service. You won't get these from the independent. And BMW is not obliged to carry them out anyway. I wouldn't start going independent until the car is well out of warranty.
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