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I own an Audi A4 2.0 TDI S-Line 09/09. The car has now done 25,500 miles. Last weekend the service indicator warned me that the oil would need changing in a further 1,600 miles. This surprised me somewhat as the oil was last replaced with ‘Longlife’ oil at the last, 18,000-mile service (at a cost of £70 plus VAT). I thought this was an error and that the service indicator had been reset along the lines of a fixed service interval regime. With this in mind I went to my local dealer, Lister Audi Coventry, and asked them to sort out the indicator. I was told there was no error and that now the servicing system had changed. Services had now been split into "Inspection Services" at about 20,000 miles and "Oil Change Services" at some intermediate point, all dependent on driving style. I was advised to book my car in for an oil service and quoted £160. I used to own an earlier model A4, a 1.9 TDI in which I travelled nearly 200k miles with no problem. The flexible servicing system was used. The oil was changed at the same time as the rest of the service. My driving style and vehicle usage has not changed yet this car is telling me that the oil will need changing at 27,150 miles. It has lasted only 9,000 miles - not exactly “long life.” I've spoken to Audi Customer Services and they cannot tell me why the oil change interval has halved. I have also spoken to VW Customer Services who fit the same engine in their cars and they expect long-life oil to last for 20,000 miles/2yrs. What do you think?
Very interesting. I would guess that now that some fleets are running
cars for 4 - 5 years instead of 2 – 3 years, they are suffering the consequences of extended oil change intervals and seeing the sense of having the oil changed at least every 10,000 miles. This may have prompted VAG to make this change.
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