How can I find out the service schedule for a Nissan Note?

My wife's Nissan Note used to be serviced by a Nissan dealer but since our nearest one went into receivership, we need to use our local garage. Unfortunately, neither the service book nor the manual contains the service schedule. In fact there are blank pages where it should be. I have Googled it and can find only limited information. Can you help please with where I can find the information so I can request from the garage what work we need doing? Last year we just had the oil and filter replaced but now we are using the vehicle more, after little use during Covid, we think we should get a more thorough service.
It seems very odd that the previous Nissan dealer did not update the service schedule in the book. Perhaps try ringing a different Nissan dealer (or Nissan's general Customer Services line) to see if they have access to a national dealer database for service history?
Answered by Lawrence Allan on

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