Service with a guile?

I'd like some advice please regarding the servicing of my car. I have 2005/55 BMW 320D Touring. The mileage is approximately 37,000 and my local BMW dealer (from whom I purchased the car) tells me it will need an oil service and vehicle check in the next 450 miles. The BMW main agent is quoting £265 inc. VAT and parts for this. A local non-franchised independent BMW specialist has quoted £75 inc. parts plus VAT for an oil change. They (the local specialist) tell me all parts are genuine BMW. Will BMW do anything other than an oil change to warrant the higher cost? The difference is substantial, but I have no wish to save money in the short term only to pay out in the longer term. Can you say what would be the best option: the independent route or £190 extra for a main dealer service?
The car is out of warranty and the only benefits of a BMW service is any outstanding TSBs will be carried out and you will be in line for some goodwill if a fault occurs. I'd ask the BMW specialist if he thinks anything else needs doing, like a brake fluid moisture content test. If he does a good job, stick with him. Independents only survive by doing a better job for less money than franchised dealers.
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