Does the engine need taken out to replace the DMF and timing chain in a BMW 5 Series 2.0d?

I have a BMW 5 Series 2.0d from new that has now done about 95,000 miles. It started making some funny noises so my husband took it to our BMW dealership who have serviced it from new. They told him the timing chain and the dual mass flywheel needed replacing, the initial quote was £4000. BMW UK agreed to pay for the timing chain and half the labour cost as the engine would have to be removed to replace the DMF, so they weren't prepared to pay for that. I've been looking online and it is my understanding that you don't have to take out the engine to replace the DMF - is this correct? I feel strongly that BMW should pay for the timing chain and all associated costs.
Either you have to take the engine out or the gearbox out. The DMF and clutch cannot be replaced any other way. But because the timing chain of the N47 2.0 diesel is at the back of the engine it is obviously more convenient to take the engine out to replace both chain, tensioners, DMF and clutch.
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