Long strife servicing

My Golf Plus 2.0 TDI Sport is now a year old and the Service Indicator counted down to "Service in 200 miles" then said "Service Now", although the service sticker on the B pillar indicated variable servicing which, if I understand the system correctly, means that it could require a service at 10,000 miles and definitely would before 20,000 miles or 2 years, whichever came first. I called at my local VW dealership to enquire why the car should need servicing at 9,200 miles to be told that it doesn't. They have also reset the service indicator and it now seems that one is due in 9,300 miles, even though I explained that for the most part I do short journeys and there are occasions when the car isn't fully warmed up. I find this very confusing. Could you please clarify or suggest what I should do next?
That is very confusing and sheer madness by the dealer. VWs own instructions are that if a car is used as you describe it should get an oil service at 10k miles maximum. Your service indicator was merely doing a good job by indicating correctly that it needs an oil service now.
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