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I'd like to recommend Marshalls Jaguar in Peterborough. They've helped me care for my XK8 since the dealership I bought it from closed down. Service and customer focus is really good. I feel properly informed as a car ignoramus of what's up and what's needed from both reception and engineering staff. Recently, before an important trip to France (taking my terminally ill father to see 2 newly discovered family members who died on the Somme), they sorted a failed Trac/ASC cable very quickly, despite the spare part not being in stock. They also are good at advising on what needs to be done as opposed to what could be done. And spotting potential issues. As a self employed person I set great store by service and customer focus and it's nice to get it - especially in an industry not noted for it. They may not be the cheapest, but trust costs too.
Many thanks. That's exactly the sort of recommendation we need to give support to good, honest mechanics rather than profit hungry groups controlled by private equity firms.
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