What would be the ballpark figure of running a 15 year old Bentley?

What would be the ballpark figure of running a Bentley that has full service history, low mileage and is 15 years old? Considering it would be weekend use only and lived in a heated workshop I am just concerned as to the running costs as there are plenty around between £15,000 and £20,000.
That's not an easy figure to ascertain. Firstly be cautious if the purchase price is relatively low as there are some awful ones around. The problem is much of running costs will depend on how many miles you are going to do. A 2005 Continental GT will do approx 11mpg with extra-urban reaching 23mpg, plus of course, there's insurance.

In terms of the cost of any repairs /servicing, an independent Bentley specialist would charge around £450 for a minor service but repairs are the area that you need to consider as parts are very expensive. Also, be aware that although in a heated garage (which is good) do not let the battery run down - use a smart charger if necessary. If we were to put aside money for the Bentley we would think that £5000 would be the figure
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