I think older cars, like my 2003 Jaguar S-Type, are excellent value for money.

I read with interest the letter from ‘MH’ with regard to older luxury cars being value for money. I purchased a 53 plate S-Type Jaguar, 4.2 V8 model for just less than £7000 about two years ago from ‘CarGiant’ and have had superb motoring since then. It is, by far, the most comfortable, most rewarding, quiet and smooth car I have ever owned. As an ex-Police Traffic Officer, my driving experience is substantial, but I find myself smiling as I drive and enjoying every mile I travel. Even better, I achieve average fuel consumption of about 33mpg on long runs. The last service at 90,000 miles cost about £340, but that included replacing a leaking thermostat housing at about £48 for the part. I have had excellent service from the local independent, Park Garage, Barnet, who are a most helpful and thorough bunch of guys. Insurance is just under £400 and includes breakdown cover.
Many thanks. You've done well. And that should give readers more confidence of buying from CarGiant. Good operation.
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