The MoT Files: Top 10 best used SUVs for passing the MoT

We have trawled through the MoT Files to find the best used SUVs and crossovers for passing the test. According to Government data, these are the most reliable models for sailing through the MoT.  

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This data reveals how SUVs and crossovers (registered in 2012) perform at the test. The data reveals how each individual model fares as its mileage increases and also in comparison with other cars registered in the same year. It also shows which elements perform better or worse than vehicles of a similar age, which is particularly useful so you know which areas are potential failure points when it comes to vehicle maintenance or specific design weaknesses.

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Audi Q3 - 89.3% pass rate

In terms of MoT pass rates Audis can be something of a mixed bag, but the Q3 has an impressive overall performance and 2012 models achieved an 89.3 per cent pass rate - 49 per cent better than other 2012 cars. In many areas it performs significantly better than the average, although headlamps and the passenger front door show up as failure points that are five or more times worse than the 2012 average.

Click here to see the Audi Q3's MoT file


Honda CR-V - 87.6% pass rate

Less of a surprise is seeing a Honda appear near the top of this list, with the CR-V managing just 1385 failures from 11,159 tests carried out. Unsurprisingly the CR-V has a better pass rate by age and by mileage than the average right up until almost 150,000 miles, which suggests long life isn’t out of the question. As with the Q3, headlights seem to be a key failure point with the headlamp levelling device cited as 18 times worse than other 2012 cars.

Click here to see the Honda CR-V's MoT file


Skoda Yeti - 87.5% pass rate

Skoda’s much-loved Yeti proves its worth here by securing third place, with only 748 recorded failures from 5968 tests completed. It’s another car that seems to handle higher mileages with ease as its pass rate stays consistently above the average up to 100,000 miles. It’s also remarkably consistent on failure points, with the vast majority performing better than average. Only the handbrake level seems a bugbear, cited as a failure point 11 times worse than the 2012 average.

Click here to see the Skoda Yeti's MoT file


Audi Q5 - 86.9% pass rate

Another Audi makes it into the top five, with the Q5 recording 557 failures from 4248 tests completed, not far behind its smaller sibling despite being a bigger and more complex car. It also sits comfortably above the average pass rate by mileage, with cars at 100,000 miles still coming very close to an 80 per cent pass rate. On failure points it is headlamps again which are cited, while load security is also rated seven times worse than average.

Click here to see the Audi Q5's MoT file


BMW X1 - 86.4% pass rate

A fraction behind the Q5 is a rival German from BMW, with the X1 recording 688 failures from 5064 vehicles tested, a result 35 per cent better than other 2012 cars. The X1 also performs above the average as mileage increases and for the most part scores above average on many failure points. However, suspension arms appear to be a weak spot; torque/reaction arm fails are 45 times worse than other 2012 cars, pins, bushes and ball joints are 34 times worse and attachment shows up 120 times worse than the 2012 average.

Click here to see the BMW X1's MoT file


BMW X3 - 85.6% pass rate

More consistency from BMW with the bigger X3 slotting behind its smaller brother into sixth position. 2012 examples recorded 899 failures from 6229 tests conducted, 31 per cent better than other cars from the same year. The X3 appears to deal with high mileages well, with almost all 2012 examples recording a pass rate of 80 per cent or more up to 100,000 miles or more. There are also few weak points in the X3’s record, although brake back plates are cited 26 times worse than other 2012 cars.

Click here to see the BMW X3's MoT file


Land Rover Freelander - 85.5% pass rate

Not commonly thought of as a paragon of reliability, Land Rover’s Freelander achieves a highly credible seventh place having recorded 1331 failures from 9182 tests conducted, which is 31 per cent better than the 2012 average. What the data does show is that the 2012 Freelander has a number of fail points recorded significantly above average; in particular the steering, where the steering system, track rod end, rack and free play are all cited two or more times worse than average.

Click here to see the Land Rover Freelander's MoT file


Volkswagen Tiguan - 85.3% pass rate

The first Volkswagen to appear on this list, 2012 Tiguans recorded 1225 failures from 8345 tests which is 30 per cent better than the average. The data shows several areas where the Tiguan performs significantly better than average, but also that the suspension and its sub-components are the most frequently-cited failure point; suspension arms attachment is 10 times worse than average, while bonded suspension and condition appear 14 times and 15 times respectively.

Click here to see the Volkswagen Tiguan's MoT file


Toyota RAV4 - 84.9% pass rate

For a company that enjoys a strong reputation for reliability, it is something of a surprise to see the first Toyota appearing in ninth place on this list. With only 485 failures from 3214 tests it still achieves a result 28 per cent better than the average, and a pass rate by mileage trend significantly above average too. There are only four areas where the RAV4 performs below average which is an impressive result, but seat belt requirements are cited 25 times worse than average.

Click here to see the Toyota RAV4's MoT file


Nissan Juke - 82.5% pass rate

Rounding out the top ten is the Nissan Juke, the most popular car in this list by far. 23,504 2012-vintage Jukes were tested with 4108 failures, a result 17 per cent better than average. Only one failure point on the Juke is significantly worse than average - the electronic stability system, which is 14 times above average - but there are many others which are slightly above the norm, which is reflected in its tenth place.

Click here to see the Nissan Juke's MoT file