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"the worst garage this side of the rockies !!!!"

By Alan Barnes, 24 October 2017

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Never ever ever use this crew for anything at all to do with JEEP.I was forced to use them for a recall by FCA last year for my Jeep Grand Cherokee.The car was running 100% when I took it there, but when I returned later the same day I was told that it was not driving as it should [limp mode].They questioned me as to if there was a "special" way in which I drove it ?!.I told them that there was not and the probable reason was that they had upset the gearbox ECU and/or wiring/selector module due to the fact that they had to remove the centre console to gain access to the Airbag module which was the reason for the recall.It was obvious from their description of what they had done , that they did not understand the basics of the car and did not even have the ability to stick in the OBD diagnostics to recover the fault codes which should have come up when it went into limp mode of course.They then requested that I leave the car with them so that they could investigate further.As I had no choice, I agreed and had to get a taxi home [over 20 miles] at my expense. To cut a long and gruelling story short, nearly one week later I had the car trailered back to my home as they had not been able to do anything...except leave all of the centre console on the back seat.When I got the car back home I plugged my OBD computer module into it and [guess what ?] got the fault codes straight away !I reset these and [POW] the car drove perfectly.It took me all of 20 minutes. I must point out at this time that I am a retired Automotive Design Engineer ,I think that is why they did not do anything or take any notice of me when I suggested what might have gone wrong.I was offered no compensation for the taxis [x2] or the tow back home or my time etc.I was however charged a few quid [I can't recall offhand exactly how much, but around £200] before they would release the car to me.I contacted their MD but was stonewalled and told that because the car was old that it was my fault.I also contacted FCA in the UK and their HQ in Italy, who were very polite but could not help me at all. So do not ever use these idiots if you want to remain sane and keep your money.Unfortunately you can't use an Indi for recall work , so you will be stuck with them take your lawyer with you if you have to go there.

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