My Nissan Qashqai has multiple issues but it missed a service - Nissan refuse liability, so what do I do now?

Over the last couple of months I have had continued problems with my car due to excessive oil consumption, loss of power. I've also been told that the engine needs replacing due to piston ring slotting failure spotted from a compression test. My car was out of warranty in February this year and I am now left with a car I cannot use. Nissan initially raised a case number and insisted that they would do something. However, they now refuse liability because it was out of service (I couldn't afford it) by four months. The last service was a full one in May 2016. The technician told me it most likely would not have been picked up in an interim service and was going to go wrong whatever as the car was faulty. Do you know of anyone who had this happen after the warranty ran out?
You couldn't afford £200 - £300 to preserve the mechanical condition of a £21,000 car? I'm afraid that despite the recorded failures of this engine in other cars you can be held to have contributed to the failure of this one.

You can try to fight your case as this is a well-recorded issue, but don't be surprised if Nissan uses your negligence to refuse help despite the car having a well known and well recorded problem. Yours and other instances of this happening listed here to provide the evidence you need to assert that it is a "fundamental fault" of the vehicle: / See also:
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