SEAT tells me my diesel Alhambra only needs serviced every two years - is this too long?

SEAT contacted me after one year of ownership about the annual service on my 2.0-litre diesel Alhambra. However, now they say that my car did not need a service until it was two years old. This incompetence does not give me much faith in the company and, having read about oil dilution in diesels caused by DPF systems, I would like your opinion on using a diesel for two years without an oil change. SEAT charges a staggering £39 to top up the AdBlue.
Sheer madness. Utter stupidity. And £39 for AdBlue is well over the top. AdBlue costs £15 for 10 litres at service stations. The car needs fresh oil and filter at least every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. And private hire operator Addison Lee changes the oil and filter of its Galaxy 2.0 TDI Powershifts every 7000 miles because DPF regeneration contaminates the oil.
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