My car failed after 17,000 miles - is it fair for the dealer to reject liability because it wasn't serviced?

I bought a new Mitsubishi Challenger L200 from a dealer in May 2015. The engine seized and the car was written off in October 2017, after only 17,000 miles. It had not been serviced, so the dealer and Mitsubishi are not accepting liability. Apparently, the DPF was clogged. At no stage was I advised about the DPF system, nor did the dealer contact to arrange a service. Even without a service, should a two and a half year old vehicle with such a low mileage have major engine failure?
Sorry, no sympathy at all, and some degree of anger. What do you expect? My rule is oil and filter change at least every year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. My own vehicles get even more frequent oil and filter changes and nothing ever goes wrong with them. If you don't service a vehicle you can expect it to fail. If your case went to court I would side with Mitsubishi and the dealer.
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