Are Hyundai liable to pay for a new engine on my 2011 Santa Fe?

My 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe, 125,000 miles, recently suffered catastrophic engine failure. Around 18 months ago, a new engine was fitted under guarantee. The cost of a replacement engine is higher than the cost of the car. Is it normal for the part, which caused the damage, to fail within this time? The garage have told me that the original engine was replaced due to a head gasket leak. Upon removing the cylinder head they found the cylinder head and engine block had slight pitting. As this model cannot have the cylinder head or the engine block skimmed, it was authorised to replace both parts. The failed part on this occasion is the engine oil cooler. It appears the internal seal has blown, allowing the oil to be pumped straight into the coolant system creating complete oil loss and filling the coolant and heating systems with oil. This was an original part that was transferred from the original engine along with all other auxiliary parts, 31,000 miles ago. This caused the engine to run without sufficient lubrication causing crankshaft and camshaft damage and all bearings related. In addition, the engine got very hot possibly causing damage to other components. Do you think I might have a case against Hyundai? I would have expected the engine oil cooler to last a lot longer than 125,000 miles.
This will all be documented in the Santa Fe and Kia Sorento car by car entries where it may help anyone else with the same vehicles. You will not have a case against Hyundai after 125,000 miles though.
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