I had my windscreen replaced and now the lane departure system doesn't work - what's the issue?

I recently hit a bird, which necessitated a new windscreen for my Audi SQ5 as a mater of urgency. I ordered a replacement to be fitted by Auto Windscreens online. However, I got a call the next day saying that because the car had lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control etc, the screen was a special order and could take a week to obtain. As I was 300 miles from home, I told Auto Windscreens to proceed with the standard screen - which was duly fitted. However, the fitter showed me the old screen next to the new one and said they were exactly the same and that the above items would just need calibrating. When checking out what still works, the only thing not working is the lane departure warning. All the wiring is connected behind the mirror housing the various components. Not sure who to believe.
Take it to a different Audi dealer and complain that the lane departure warning is not working. All the cameras 'look' at the road ahead through the screen, so if part of it is blanked out over one of the camera lenses, that particular function cannot 'see', so won't work. Whether the blanked out bit can be scraped off or not is another matter. If it's superficial, it can be. if it's sandwiched in the laminate it can't be.
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