A rock cracked my car windscreen - should my insurer fit a genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement?

My Mercedes-Benz (bought in March 2016, from new) has just suffered a cracked windscreen as a result of a stone from the road hitting it. Am I entitled to insist on a genuine Mercedes-Benz front windscreen through my insurance company (Ageas) or am I only entitled to a non-genuine replacement windscreen via their glass replacement service (£75 excess) with their Auto Windscreens replacement glass company. I'm concerned that a non-genuine MB replacement windscreen may affect the warranty on the car. Should I be concerned? My car has auto lights and auto wipers camera/sensors at the top of the windscreen. Who should pay for the recalibration of the auto lights and wipers after the replacement glass is fitted? There appears to be no mention of the above, for or against, as to whether the replacement glass would be genuine or not or who is responsible for the cost of recalibration on my insurance policy.
This is a very topical question at the moment in the insurance industry. The windscreen that Auto Windscreens fit is from Pilkington Glass, they are the OE supplier to Mercedes-Benz. As such, even though it will not be branded Mercedes-Benz, it should be the same. Auto Windscreens will also calibrate the system, I asked this very question only a week ago.

Should you be concerned? In short, yes. If the vehicle is operating various ADAS systems, then the refractive index of the windscreen if not identical will not enable the ADAS work. It is imperative all functions of the ADAS are checked to work after it has been calibrated. The cost of calibration should always be borne by the insurer. The upcoming issues are that it can take up to four hours with two men to calibrate these systems dependent on the vehicle, and 30 metres of space to calibrate them. So, let them fit the windscreen and if doesn't work perfectly as it should, complain and advise that you insist it is done by Mercedes-Benz.
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