I'm having clutch problems with my Hyundai i20 after a service - what should I do?

I took my Hyundai i20 for a service a couple of months back and while it was in for its first service I asked the garage to look at my juddering clutch. I know you'll need to generalise but have you roughly any idea how long a manufacturer takes to give the garage the go-ahead to replace it? I used to get 56ish mpg before the first service but now the readout is showing 53/54mpg. Do they adjust the fuel mixture at first service? When cold, the revs can reach 2000 but I know this is the auto choke.
Make sure you make your complaint about the juddering clutch in writing to the dealer principal, delivered by Post Office special delivery so it becomes a matter of record and they cannot later fob you off saying the clutch is only covered for the first year or something. Don't believe the readout. Anything could cause such a marginal change at the extreme end of the economy scale, even the tyres wearing down a bit.
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