The clutch on my MINI Countryman has failed after 1000 miles - is MINI liable?

We purchased an approved used 2015 MINI Countryman 1.6 petrol with 11,000 miles from a Mini dealer 12 months ago. We have driven it 1000 miles in the last 12 months (second car) and the clutch has begun to slip. Should MINI cover the cost of repairs? We also own 2007 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6 petrol, which we've had from new, and it still on the original clutch - so it cannot be due to our driving style. Please advise as I expect MINI to be difficult about this having read various forums.
Sorry, this type of use (1000 miles in 12 months) implies short run use of the car that may have led to the clutch failure. Unless it was caused by an oil or a fluid leak I don't think you have a case. And if it was caused by an oil or fluid leak, this will be difficult to prove unless the dealer admits it or you are present when the transmission and engine are separated.
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