Should my 9000-mile Suzuki Swift need a new head gasket at service time?

I put my Suzuki Swift 1.3 petrol (2008) for its two-year, 9000-mile service at a Suzuki dealer, and was informed that the head gasket had to be replaced as this was a normal part of the service for this car. Also, this had to be repeated every two years. I have had many cars in the past and never had a head gasket replaced as part of the normal service. Is this a weakness in the car or dealer rip-off?
Eh? If so, then this has to be a warranty repair done free of charge under the warranty. But Swifts have reliable Toyota engines and it should not be necessary to replace the head gasket every two years. Our Toyota with basically the same engine is a 2004 and has done 140,000km with no such problem.
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