Can a head gasket fail after only 10,000 miles?

My 2005 Subaru Outback 3.0R is losing coolant at a high rate, which reputable garages have diagnosed as a head gasket or cracked cylinder with estimates of £1800 - £ 3600 to replace. In 2015, the head gasket was replaced at a cost of £2300. Can a head gasket fail after 10,000 miles? Is it a valid approach to buy a used replacement engine through eBay? I'm keen to retain this car with its known provenance. Can you advise?
Actually too difficult to answer. Yes, it's possible that one of the replacement head gaskets could have failed. Remember it has two: one for each bank of 3 cylinders. One may have been replaced and one not. It's also possible that the head or the block could be cracked. Replacement specialist engines bought via eBay could be fine or could be disastrous. These people are trustworthy:
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