Any tips to help me replace my Renault Scenic's rear brake discs?

I am about to replace the rear brake discs on my Renault Scenic. It looks pretty straightforward, but has anyone done it before and have they learnt anything that would be useful to me? I bought a Haynes manual yesterday for a Y-reg Scenic but it doesn't cover rear discs, only drums.
It doesn't help that you have the wrong manual. Here are some tips.

1. Always make sure that the vehicle is safe to work on, ie propped up on axle stands, and that you have a receptacle to put your components in.

2. Once you have removed the wheels, only complete one wheel at a time (so that you can use the other one for reference should you get confused on reassembly).

3. Are you replacing the pads at the same time? If so, you will normally have to push the operating brake pistons back inside the calliper. If you do, watch out because you may get an overflow of brake fluid at the reservoir)

4. Sometimes you can remove the brake calliper and associated pipe without the need to remove the hydraulic pipes (this saves losing fluid, making a mess and having to bleed the system when you have finished). However, make sure that you hook the assembly up. Do not allow the complete brake assembly to hang on the hydraulic pipes.

5. If you do split the hydraulics, you will need assistance to bleed them when complete, but your manual will explain how to do this.
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