Why does the gear stick get stuck in third gear on my Citroen C4?

My Citroen C4 refused to start today. I can't move the gear stick from parking to any other position unless I press on the brakes. When I do move it, the message "put auto box in place" comes up. When I move from fourth to third gear, it gets stuck there - this is rectified by stopping, switching off the engine and restarting. How can I correct these faults?
I guess this has the awful EGS automated manual system. But it's entirely normal not to be able to move the lever from P to N or D without pressing the brake pedal. That's a safety device fitted to all automatics. The rest of it is probably faults with the actuator and there is no easy fix. So it's a trip to the Citroen dealer, an independent Citroen specialist or a member of www.fedauto.co.uk
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