The engine in our car keeps cutting out and losing power - what's wrong with it?

Our 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi broke down on Sunday evening. The engine cut out at 75mph. It started up again and revved fine, but came up with 'Engine System Fault' and an Amber Cog with and exclamation mark in the centre. We continued driving as we have no breakdown cover, but the engine was lumpy and losing power until it cut out and wouldn't start again. Eventually got the car back last night, plugged in the laptop with FORscan software and a load of faults came up. I cleared them but one kept coming back - P0652-60. I've checked most of the sensors mentioned with the fault code - only one left to check is the crankshaft position sensor. Is it likely to be this?
Yes, it could be the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). Problem with this code is that it could be one of many sensors and or wiring faults. Also check all wiring/earth points for the ECU for any signs of corrosion. See attached:
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