My son's car won't start - does the clicking noise suggest it's an issue with the starting motor?

I drove my son's car last week, a 2007 Volkswagen Astra (35,000 miles). I heard a loud squeal and then it cut out and I smelled something burning, which lasted 30 seconds. The first RAC guy tried to bump start it by rolling down hill but wouldn't start. It got towed to our house. He said it was the starter motor so we tried jump starting it with a booster pack, still nothing. Second RAC guy says it's the engine - 'something's seized in it'. We can hear a loud clicking noise when trying to start it. Windows still work. Son didn't get service done as had to pay for new coil springs to get it through MoT. Could this have done something or could it be the starter?
The clicking noise is the relay opening because either there isn't enough battery charge to turn the engine over or because the starter pinion and ring are jammed or because the engine is seized. Did anyone think to check the timing belt?
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