Ford refuse to fix my car under warranty - what do you advise?

I bought a Ford C-Max from Fords of Winsford (not a Ford dealership) in May 2016 and have subsequently had it serviced at Burns Garage (Ford) in my home town. According to the Service Book, the car was originally supplied by Taylors (Ford) in Lincolnshire then serviced by the last owner at a Ford garage in Cambridgeshire. I emailed Ford UK on 3 June to tell them the Tyre Pressure Warning light on my 2014 Ford C-MAX TDCi (under warranty) was illuminating intermittently and that I contacted my local Ford dealership (Burns Garages) where I have the car serviced. I explained to Ford that my car had already been into the dealership twice and they have been unable to rectify the fault, telling me that unless the light is illuminated when the car is with them they can't identify which of the sensors is at fault. They told me Ford would refuse to replace all of the sensors under warranty and therefore there is nothing more that can be done. I emailed Ford back on 1 July explaining the situation and that under the terms of the three year warranty I am entitled to have this on-going fault rectified. Ford are now suggesting I now go to another Ford dealership (which is some distance away) for a second opinion. I can't see how another dealership with the same diagnostic equipment and under the same constraints can do more than Burns Garage. I'm very concerned that, apart from any safety considerations, I will still have the fault (devaluing the car in the process and potentially making it unsaleable) when the warranty expires in December.
The car's history is why the dealers are refusing to play ball. I cannot envisage how you can hold anyone liable because of the breaks in the chain of liability.
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