Should Volvo replace the boot struts on my Volvo XC60?

The gas operated struts on the boot of my 2012 Volvo XC60 are starting to fail, making a groaning noise. To replace them at a Volvo dealership is in excess of £500. A check on the internet reveals this to be fairly common and they can fail suddenly (this groaning appears to be a precursor to failing completely). I can buy struts (not Volvo) for anything from £12 each up to £46. I think I would disregard the cheaper ones, then get a garage to fit them. What do you think of this price at the Volvo dealership? Also, on a forum, an owner got a 40 per cent goodwill payment from Volvo towards replacement. Do you think it feasible to try for a goodwill payment?
There's a DVSA safety recall over duff hatchback struts on Mazda of the same age. I think you should go to your Volvo dealer and demand that the replacements are fitted FoC otherwise you will go to the DVSA and try to get a similar safety recall ordered as the Mazda one.

See: 31/5/2017: R/2017/163: Mazda3 (BL), Mazda5 (CW), Mazda6 (GH) Mazda6 Est (GH & GJ), Mazda CX-3 (DK) and Mazda CX-5 (KE): TAILGATE MAY DROP DOWN WITHOUT WARNING. Water may penetrate the tailgate strut cylinder. This may cause corrosion which may affect the strut's attachment. Fix: Replace both tailgate struts on affected vehicles. Mazda statement: "During routine quality checks it has been found that the rustproof coating on the tailgate support struts, one found on each side of the tailgate, on a number of Mazda vehicles may be insufficient. The resultant corrosion could ultimately cause the struts to break during operation of the tailgate causing it to drop suddenly, leading to potential injury". Repairs are supposed to take around an hour, it's free of charge, and the usual take care until the repair has been completed. VINs: JMZCW******100041 to JMZCW******159564; JMZGH******102007 to JMZGH******509238; JMZBL******100118 to JMZBL******575554; JMZGH******116434 to JMZGJ******345447; JMZDK******100043 to JMZDK******143515; JMZKE******100107 to JMZKE******482452. Build dates: 16-6-2010 to 1-4-2015.
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