My used Porsche Boxster 987 has a serious leak - should the dealer contribute to the repair costs?

After four months of ownership, I've just discovered that my Porsche Boxster 987 S has a permanently sodden carpet behind the front passenger seat (which would explain the heavy condensation since I've owned it). Porsche advised that it's almost certainly caused by blocked drain tubes. Once cleared they would need to remove the seats, trim and carpet to dry everything to prevent the electrical controls under the seat from failing e.g. hood mechanism. This is not a cheap fix. The car came with a third-party six month mechanical warranty, which doesn't cover this problem. Can I go back to the dealer for a contribution?
Because the blockage preceded your ownership of the car the dealer who sold it to you is directly responsible and liable to fix it. See: In a case like this the law assumes that the fault pre-existed the purchase. If it went to court the dealer would be required to prove that it didn't, which he can't do. After six months ownership the burden of proof is the other way round.
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