Can I return my faulty Skoda Yeti because the dealer took almost a year to repair them?

On driving my Skoda Yeti home, after purchasing from an approved dealership in April 2016, I noticed an external squeaking noise emitting from the front of the vehicle and an internal whistling coming from the driver's side window. Initially, I thought these could just be from how the car had been sat on the forecourt so continued driving the vehicle hoping they would subside. However, both noises remained so I returned to the garage within the first month of purchase. They looked at the car on two occasions but couldn't diagnose the faults. I booked it in for a a detailed inspection (about two months after purchase) and was issued a courtesy car so they could keep the vehicle for longer. When I collected it, I was told that the squeaking noise was from the front shock absorber and, when compared with another Yeti, it was the same so it wasn't a fault. They didn't investigate the whistling noise even though the vehicle was supposed to be in there for a longer diagnostic. I took the car to another dealership where (after five visits there) the front shocks got replaced under warranty, 10 months after I initially reported the fault. Still the whistling noise remained and apparently could not be diagnosed. After speaking to their customer care team, I wanted to reject the vehicle, due to a fault still remaining from date of purchase. However, I was asked to take the vehicle back to the dealership and leave it with them for further investigation. It has now been found, 11 months after purchase (and a total of nine garage visits), that the driver's side window seal had perished and they are repairing it. I have been thoroughly inconvenienced by this whole long drawn out scenario. Even though they are doing a repair, am I entitled to compensation or a refund on the car? I have no faith in the vehicle and am utterly disappointed with my experience.
Both of the faults with the car as sold to you had plainly obvious causes and the dealer who sold you the car should have fixed them. Your treatment by the dealer who sold you the car was shameful. However, Skoda itself has looked after you. Since the car is now fixed you don't have any right in law to reject it. But you could pursue a case against the dealer who sold you the car for your 'damages' in terms of lost time, which you will need to accurately quantify and price so you are suing for an actual amount of money. Here is where to start: This is the law you can base your case on:
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