Am I entitled to return my 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI to the dealer after multiple faults occured?

I purchased a 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI Bluemotion that had done 44,000 miles from a Volkswagen used car dealer. Within the first month, I noticed that the interior light and windscreen washer weren't working. These issues were sorted under warranty. 35 days after purchasing the car, the gearbox/clutch was changed due to the clutch pressure plate piece breaking off and making a hole in the gearbox causing a gearbox leak. Two months later, I have an engine management light which has been put down to EGR failure. Am I entitled to return the car back to them? I do repeated short journeys. Which Mk6 or Mk7 petrol engine would you recommend? Are Audi A3 petrol engines more reliable?
If you do short journeys you should not have bought a diesel, but unless you made it clear to the dealer that you do only short journeys this is not the dealer's fault and the fact that every fault has been repaired does not put you in a strong position for a refund. You might be able to arrange an exchange for a 1.4 TSI, but up to the current Golf VII these were chain cam and could have their own problems. Audi A3 engines are exactly the same as Golf, Leon and Octavia engines. No better 'quality'. Your legal rights here:
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