Have there been many cases of problems with the Volkswagen Golf since the emissions fix?

I understand that many Volkswagen Golf that have had the emissions fix have had subsequent problems with the engine. Is this correct?
That's correct. Here are a few from the last few days:

6-2-2017: Another report of EA189 NOx emissions 'fix' to VW Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion causing problems. Car had the 'fix' two days ago and this morning had to be recovered and towed back to the garage after driving less than thirty miles since the 'fix' was applied. Had intermittent power loss and engine stalling but the diagnostics are not showing any fault. VW very reluctant to admit it has anything to do with the fix.

7-2-2017: Report of VW Golf VI 2.0 TDI 140 DSG SE going in for 75,000 mile service to the VW dealer where owner had a maintenance plan. The service was to include replacing DSG oil and filter and changing the brake fluid. Prior to the service the car was averaging 58mpg. After the service it has been averaging 50mpg. The dealer confirmed that it had carried out the EA189 NOx emissions software fix.

8-2-2017: Report of VW Golf VI EA189 1.6TDI going in for NOx emissions fix and starting to smoke heavily the next day. Dealer took it back. had it for 3 days and finally told him it's nothing they did and that he "needs the engine remapped".

9-2-2017: Report of a 2010 VW Golf Mk 6 needing a new EGR valve earlier in its life, then another just a week after going in for the NOx emissions 'fix'. Owner refused to pay VW dealer for the replacement and had it done by a local garage for £130 less than the dealer quoter.

13-2-2016: Report of glow plug light coming on in 2010 Golf EA189 1.6TDI at 64k miles, indicating problem with EGR valve. Car has not been in for NOx emissions 'fix'.

13-2-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI having EGR valve replaced in November 2016 at 59k miles. Went in for NOx emissions 'fix' on 1st February 2017 and number plate light started flashing. That was fixed and now glow plug light is flashing for the EGR valve when driving at 60mph plus. Als car generally does not drive as well.
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